History of Indian cushions and pillows along with interesting facts

Indian cushion cover and pillows cover have been in usage since Vedic era. After a long period of journey, now these Fashion Buzzer Jewellery are being used for practical as well as decorative purpose. Reflecting the Indian handicraft in its glory, these cushions and pillows are enjoying the craze of worldwide people with their soft touch, ultra-comfort and captivating appeal.

Origin of Handcrafted Indian cushions  

o In ancient Indian text Atharvaveda, written in Sanskrit, cushions have been mentioned as "Bhisi" or "Virsee" and pillows as "Upadhana" or "Upabarhana".

o In great epics Ramayana and Mahabharata, several royal people have been mentioned using the cushion and pillows. When Hanuman scours Lanka in search of Sita, he enters in Ravana's sleeping chamber and observes him and his wives using and holding cushions and pillows in different mesmerizing gestures.

o The throne of kings and other royal people were also furnished with cushions and pillows for the back and elbow. During the elephant riding, howdah (wooden carriage) was also furnished with cushion.

o Ajanta Caves (2nd century BCE ) and Ellora caves (5th century BCE) of Aurangabad (Maharashtra) have several sculptures of men and ladies holding cushions and pillows of myriad of colors and sizes.

o Buddhist sculptures (3rd century) of Nagarjunakonda valley (Andhra Pradesh) also portray several people online jewelry store using cane seats (mora) furnished with cushions and pillows.

o Several bronze needles excavated in Mohenjo-Daro (2500 to 1700 BC) testify that needlecraft was also an ancient Indian art. It was used for embellishing the cushion covers using embroidery work.

o The batting or filling of cushions and pillows was done with grass, wood, feathers, wool, leather and other materials.

Interesting facts about the Handcrafted Indian cushions

o Difference between cushion and pillow: Cushions are generally used on chair, sofa, couch, sunloungers or on the hard ground and moist grass of garden and patio. On the other hand, pillows are large size cushions and used in a bed while sleeping. But cushions can also be used in bed alongside the pillows or while decorating the bedroom.

o Difference between cushion and throw pillow: Throw pillows (Toss pillows) are small. anybody interested in learning SITE TOPIC GOES HERE stop by and / or maybe .

sized pillows, which can be used on both bed and chairs. In some countries, throw pillows are commonly referred to as cushions. These are also used only for decorative purpose.

o Difference between cushion and bolster: Bolsters are long narrow pillows or cushions in rectangular, circular or cylindrical forms. Long bolsters are also called as bolster pillows. Bolsters can be used for both comfort and decoration. In several countries, these are also called "hugging pillow", as people hug these while sleeping. These are also called "hotdog pillows"in Philippines due to close resemblance to this edible. Tube, neck or neck roll pillows are also other name of bolster pillows. Currently, Yoga bolsters or meditation bolsters are also in wide demand due to influence of Indian culture.

Handcrafted Indian cushions in modern day

o Ever after the invention of lots of machines, the handcrafted cushions and pillows carry their own distinct unmatched appeal.

o Today's Indian handcrafted cushions and pillows and their covers are being made using plenty of materials. These include Handmade Cotton Cushion, Handmade Silk Cushion, Embroidered cushion, designer cushions, decorative cushions and many more.

o The artisans of Kutch (Gujarat) are expert in handcrafting the cushions and pillows along with their cushion covers and pillow covers with elegant embroidery and other artwork.

o These Indian cushions and pillows can also be customized along with the company's logos and slew of colors, designs and artworks as specified by the customers.


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